Thursday, October 6, 2011

I am the Hero

Some intense dreams last night! And unfortunately I cannot remember all of the details. I will do my best, though!

The dream was filled with crazy things going on. at one point in the dream, I was at church. It was raining pretty hard. Sacrament meeting was taking place, and I was standing out in the hallway for some reason. Not enough seats inside I think. I saw that there were three people wanting to come in. I knew one of them was a member of the church, and I vaguely remembered the other two, who were much taller than the person I knew (a youth). I was not certain if they were members or just visitors. They tried to stay out of my sight and not let me overhear what they were talking about, though. I suspected something wasn't right about them. I stepped away to take part in the church meeting and then was back in the lobby, only to find that they had put up pleasant looking posters and cards for people to take that had to do with religion. Looking further into all of the layers and layers of posters and pictures and cards they put up, I realized these were "anti-mormon" propaganda posters. They said that we will be burned in hell and God will hate us if we continue in our beliefs and that we need to accept Jesus. We don't need to do all this "fancy" stuff (nothing the church does is "fancy" in the way they were portraying it), and we don't need to do extra work. Just "accept Jesus" and don't worry about it. We're idiots for thinking otherwise. It made me so frustrated (in a righteous way it felt, though) and I started tearing them down. I asked them "why do you think God would hate anybody? Doesn't he say multiple times that He loves all of his children? Why would a group of people praising His name and simply doing Christ-like actions be something worth burning in hell??? They came up with some stupid reply and I told them to get out. They refused, and they hid away in the bishop's office.

I don't remember everything else in detail, but I do know there was a lot of fighting going on. People were dueling, it was all a battle scene. People from my past who were mean to me were all there and trying to weasel their way out. In the end, I ended up drinking some kind of potion that slowed time down around me and I was able to defeat everything or something. Then it was all done and it was peaceful and I was being rewarded, but I didn't want recognition, I just wanted to stay home and rest. But I was ultimately the hero.


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