Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh, How I Love to Fly

For the past several weeks I have had dreams about flying at least one night a week. At least. They are so elating! I can literally just pull my weight upwards and I'm in the air, floating. I can go fast and slow, and sometimes it takes more concentration. But I'm fully aware of it. And eventually I become aware that yes, I am dreaming, but I don't wake up, and I just continue to fly and have this feeling of weightlessness. I fly to the places I need to go. I escape places I don't want to be. I travel around town and through the country, to my former homes, and to places where I could someday call my home. I visit Nick's family in Nova Scotia and just have peaceful visits.
Everything with flying is peaceful. I went to Clarke once and got annoyed so I flew away and didn't look back. That felt good.

I wish I could fly in real life.
If there was ever a dream or part of a dream I had (as in while I'm asleep dream) that I could make come true, it would be flying. Oh it would be flying.

I love flying. :)

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