Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dog Dish

My baby, Tango, is getting old. My family is moving, but Tango is not. She is going to stay with my sister and brother-in-law. She is very happy to not have to share her toys anymore! However, in my dream last night, Tango got pretty sick. My family could not afford to get her the medication she needed to make her better. And her sickness was not even that bad. But because she was old, the family decided to put her down. Instead of just taking her to the vet or humane society, there was this charity of sorts that would take your pets and kill them for you for free. They would then take the animal and feed the meat to hungry homeless people. I was so upset that my baby was going to be eaten! They wanted her, too. Everybody in my family had just accepted it, but I refused to let it happen. I kept holding on to her, but they (the people at the charity) kept taking her away. I didn't understand how my family could just be okay with this. Nick was with me, and he was supporting me, but at the same time, he didn't know what to do, either. They ended up taking her and I just sat there crying. The poor girl. She didn't know what was going on, and just looked over at me while they carried her away with her ears perked up.

My sweet little baby Tango brat.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feel Free to Laugh at My Dreams

Honestly, please feel free to find these humorous.

I had yet another pregnant dream. I have no idea why I get these dreams. They freak me out so much.

So I was pregnant, and yet again, there was no reason why I should be. And nobody really believed me when I said I didn't do anything and I have no idea why I was pregnant. I had yet to tell Nick, because I was afraid he wouldn't believe me either. All I know is that there was a point a while back where I had fallen into a deep sleep or something, and I wondered if somebody attacked me then while I was sleeping. But I had no idea.
Anyway. So I had a number of things running across my mind. I was very upset that this had happened, because I wanted to be married before I had a kid. I was thinking I either had to get married before the kid was born, or have the kid and wait a while so I can fit into the wedding dress I wanted. But neither of these made me happy, purely for selfish reasons. 1) I didn't want to be pregnant in my wedding pictures, because that looks bad and 2) I didn't want to have a little girl (idk how I knew it was a girl, but it was) in my wedding pictures either, because that looks bad for me. I was frustrated.
But then, through new technology, I was able to see the baby. She was tiny, and had very light blonde hair that was just barely starting to come in. She stole my heart, and I just couldn't believe it. And then I was scared, because I could see that the umbilical chord was wrapped around her neck several times. And at the same time, I was still frustrated that I was pregnant with no answer as to why.

Somebody thought I was trying to be the next virgin Mary, and that made people believe me even less.
I had no idea what to do!
Needless to say, I was very relieved when I woke up. I even felt my stomach to make sure there was nothing in there!! Ha!