Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LDS Safe House of Dubuque

There was a church safe house. It was a lot like a regular church building, similar colors, features, designs, religious portraits here and there, only modified intensely for a place for people to live in. There was a small chapel that was open and connected with the living room/foyer. Across the hall from that was a very large kitchen that was stocked FULL of food and necessary equipment. There was a large-ish dining room. Probably enough for 20 people to eat at a time. The planning was set out so that no more than 20 people would need to be eating at a time because there would always be work to do if you were living in the safe house. Then if you went back to the hallway and headed down it, you would have closets packed full of supplies like sleeping bags, first aid, bathroom supplies, clean sheets, towels, extra clothing, etc. Keep going and there were several rooms. There was one large suite, and it was a suite meant for people passing through who needed a place to stay for a night, or for daily workers at the safe house who were hired/volunteered to stay for the week to make sure everything is kept secure. All of the rooms had a few beds in them and a small bathroom connected to each one with a toilet and sink. Showers were in another room, separate from the bedroom, and there were maybe a dozen of them, all with their own stall.
I have here a diagram of how the building was laid out. :) (click on it to enlarge the picture)
After looking through the building, I was then hired as a maid to keep things clean there. I had one partner and one girl who was the boss of us. The boss was a snobby selfish girl who ultimately wanted to have us killed. My partner was a weak defenseless girl, so of course (as usual in my dreams), I had to take charge. I outsmarted the snobby girl, let the church leaders know what had gone on, and then quit. I head out on a motorcycle (what??????). Then I was in town and some people were kind of laughing about the mormon's safe building for some reason. I just told them it's actually a really smart thing to have and they'll wish they had a plan some day if they don't listen now. I kind of felt like Noah. Then I got on my bike and rode on the roads that often appear in some of my dreams around Dubuque. Roads that don't exist but I always go exploring anyway because I am curious as to where they lead and where they exit. Then I was back in town and it was halloween. I could float/fly! So I decided to be batman and since I was just pretending to be him, I would just pretend to ride a motorcycle. So I flew along, posed as if I were riding a motorcycle, and had fun!

I've had a number of dreams where I can float/fly and I use it to my advantage. It is so fun and feels so real, I wish I could do it in real life. I just defy gravity and go wherever I want. Oh if I could fly. I would fly everywhere and would never drive a car ever again! Unless it's raining, of course. :)

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