Monday, November 7, 2011

Blind, Blood, and Babbling

I had awful dreams last night! I was so relieved to not be dreaming anymore when my alarm went off. Although, I didn't necessarily want to face Monday, either.

I was at Kohl's (where I work). It was late in the evening. I was trying to move myself to a different cash register because the check out table I was at was not functional. Yet customers kept coming up to me, wanting to make their purchases. I kept telling them I would take them at that register (pointing at the one I would move to) in just a moment, I needed to close up this one. Somebody handed me a zipped bag of money. She said "it's for you." I was not sure what to do with it. I couldn't tell if she meant it was for me, a representative of Kohl's, therefor the money going to Kohl's, or me personally for me to shove in my pocket and take home. More than have of it was foreign currency, but there was still a decent amount of American money - well over $100. A manager came over and I was trying to explain what happened but they just told me to help the customers. Then my vision started to fade away on the left side. Things were just... gone. And what I could see was really blurry and losing color and had a blue tint to it. Soon it was like I was looking through the space between my hands cupped around my right eye. But I had to keep working, so I just carried the bag with me to the new register (only after having a disgruntled customer try to just make me stay at the crappy register because she didn't want to move to another lane). I checked out a few people, and then realized I was way over my shift.
I went outside, only to see the sky filled with blimps, which was really weird. Then there was  plane coming towards the ground. It crash landed in the parking lot. It was a hijacked plane heading east to Chicago, but the passengers managed to land it. They tried taking it to the corn field behind Kohl's, but clearly they missed. Fortunately nobody was in the cars in the parking lot at the time. I did not know if the people in the plane were okay. I ran back inside Kohl's to tell the managers what happened. They seemed indifferent and were not concerned.
Then I remembered I didn't clock out. It was a few hours past the time I was supposed to clock out. So I went to the break room to clock out. I was talking with people in the break room about what happened outside, when I saw there was a glass wall along the back side of the break room, and behind the glass wall was an indoor pool. I decided to take a swim. When I was done swimming, I learned that swimming lessons were going to take place and that Kohl's associates could be reassigned positions to teach swimming lessons. I definitely wanted to take that opportunity. But as I was getting out and talking to someone about it, I realized I had no top to my suit on! There were mostly girls in the room with just one guy in the corner with a signup sheet for kids who wanted to take swimming lessons. I had my hands full with my clothes and shoes and a bag and papers from work and I was trying to cover myself up at the same time, so I ran into the girl's dressing room crouched over and then dropped all my things on a bench, grabbed the nearest towel and got into a shower stall to draw the curtain. As I was stepping into the shower though, I noticed some puddles of blood on the floor. Taking a second look, I realized they were rather large puddles of blood. Then I saw blood on some of the walls. It was on the shower curtain. It was my blood. I don't know why I knew this or how it got there, but it was my blood. Girls were complaining about it around the locker room and I felt so embarrassed. Soon my towel was drenched in blood. I threw it away and turned on the shower and just rinsed myself off, didn't bother drying off, and got changed.
As I was leaving Kohl's, people were unhappy with me for some reason. Both customers and employees. They were giving me dirty looks and snapping at me. Only, I couldn't understand what they were saying. It was all gibberish. It was frustrating. I was trying to text someone to tell them that things are crazy and I don't know what to do. I then realized I texted the wrong person - I sent the text to Heather, the girl I had an awful confrontation with this last summer. After all that had happened in the dream, this was when I started panicking. As far as I know, that girl hates me, and talking to her is the last thing I want to do. I just tried to forget about it, and fortunately she never texted back.

When I woke up, the first thing I did was make sure I did not actually send her a text. Took a sigh of relief when I found I had not.

Not very happy dreams. Not a very peaceful day. :\