Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Murder Truck, a Girl, and Love

Monday night I had quite the dream. I saw it from several different view points. Sometimes, I was the "girl". Other times, I was right behind the "girl". Sometimes I watched it from above, and sometimes the "girl" was my sister Sally.
There was a man who drove a large nasty truck. He was a murderer and liked to kill young girls. Usually with his truck somehow. In this dream, on this day, he had already killed 6 other girls by running them over as they crossed the street. He had a new target, and she was well aware of the six murders, for they had just happened five minutes ago on the street she had to cross. I was then viewing from her eyes. She ran across the street, and as expected, he made a left turn on a red light through a busy intersection to hit this girl. So she ran, stopped, lay down, and he drove over her, but she wasn't hurt, for she let the truck pass over her. He made a wild u-turn and she made a run for the median, which stretched out into a large ditch with a lot of flooded water. He chased after her but had a hard time, because the ditch had a steep V shape to it, and the truck couldn't balance. I watched this from above. She swan into the flood waters, where there were other people. They helped her to safety. The man's truck stopped working in the deep water, and he was captured.
The girl was then my sister, and we had to take her to therapy because of the traumatic incident. It was emotionally draining.

Otherwise, I have just had dreams about going home and being with Nick. We are happily reunited, and I don't have to leave. I get to see my family. And my dogs. Such happy dreams. I hate waking up.