Monday, February 17, 2014

Undermining the Boss

A huge lady who reminds me of the big evil lady in the story of Matilda. She's my boss. She once grabbed me by the neck and picked me up, choking me, cutting me. I felt the need to be very sneaky and undermine her. But I had to warn others about her while doing it - they had the potential to get in her way and face her wrath. My mom started to work for her and found her to be a very pleasant lady. That's because this lady was far more accepting of people closer to her age than young adults.

Something involving music. I had to conduct and work with 7th graders. But there was something I was planning and I needed to be very careful that she was not observing me, publicly or privately, while I did set forth this plan.

There was a lot of traveling involved. And swimming. I was swimming and stealing from her ginormous food supply to feed those less fortunate.
Then I was at BYUI. I managed to sneak out of my apartment without her noticing and had set out to completely run away and spread the word about her evil workings.
I was caught by an old friend and had to explain to her everything, make her promise to keep it secret, and for her own safety, not even acknowledge that she knew anything about me whatsoever.

Something involving a huge concert, heavy metal. Plans to destroy it? I don't remember what side I was on, destroying it or preventing destruction. I ultimately just didn't want to be there because my ex would be there and I wanted to leave, get as far away as possible. But I didn't. I was hiding from the evil lady. I was like a mouse. Thinking quick, small, high adrenaline, hiding easily, but a huge target if seen. Unwanted. Soon to be found, not many places to go for safety.

That's all I really remember that is worth attempting to write about. The rest can't really be put into words.