Sunday, March 17, 2013


Some day when I'm married, I am genuinely concerned for the safety of my spouse.

A few weeks ago, I had a dream where I was getting on an elevator. I was in a basement, filled with utility supplies and boxes. The elevator was kind of off in an area surrounded by boxes, so you are not easily seen. While waiting for the elevator, a guy came over and I was thinking "okay, time to just be quiet and not make eye contact" because I was on a mission of some sort, and I needed to focus. We get on the elevator, and suddenly he corners me and starts grabbing me, trying to pin me to the wall. He is going to attack me. He grabs my right arm (my dominant), and I begin kicking and thrashing. Then, I bite his arm as hard as I can.
I suddenly realized I really was biting something, and woke up to find my blankets in my mouth, biting as hard as I can.

Night before last, I had another dream. I was in the parking lot for my apartment. It was dark, and I was parking a car. I got out of the car and saw a cat laying in a melting pile of snow. My first instinct was to help the animal, but I was wary because I didn't know the temperament of the cat. Sure enough, I approach and the cat starts hissing. I decide to let it be, but I have to walk by the cat anyway to get where I'm going, and the cat leaps for me. It's on my left arm, clawing and biting. I try grabbing it by the collar of its neck and yanking it off, but the cat starts attacking my other arm. I throw it to the ground, and it keeps coming back at me. I manage to pin the animal on the ground and it is continuing to bite and scratch, so I start punching the cat, because this cat is a monster. I punched it three times.
I woke up and was punching my mattress with my left hand with all of my strength.

There seems to be a common theme of self defense in my dreams lately. I keep being unexpectedly attacked and have to fight for my safety.
I hope I never hurt anyone in my sleep. Hahaha.