Friday, July 15, 2011

The Wizarding World of Panem

I have been re-reading The Hunger Game's trilogy lately, and last night I went to the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. My dream was a meshed combination of these two worlds, which made for quite the adventure.

In the Harry Potter world, all that happened in the series was done, but it wasn't too long after everything happened. Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Ginny were all still unmarried. I was just staying in Panem, in a place that was similar to one of the districts, but it was more like just a town. The same awful government controlled everything. People had to work 12-15 hours a day for little more than $2.00 an hour, and food was extremely overly priced. The government wanted to remind the citizens, as they do in The Hunger Games series, who is in control. People were getting really angry though, and beginning to rebel, but only in silence. A lot of "muffliato" spells were cast by people who wanted to complain vocally to their friends. Occasionally people would cast spells on the government officials to get them to fall asleep or need to leave so that the people could do things they needed to do, like discuss personal matters in a way that doesn't involve all smiles and peace and always including praises to the government. Because the government was being so controlling that any negative speech about the way things were run could get you in a lot of trouble. They would take you away from your family and you would be sent into holding while you awaited a trial, which would more than likely result in you losing your job, your house, your savings, ultimately ending up with you and your family starving to death.

Sooooo people found ways to get around that by casting spells.

The government was getting really frustrated at the lack of quality of work that the citizens were producing. I was with Hermione/Emma Watson, and I was discussing with her how ridiculous this all is, and she and I (since we were just visitors, not locals) decided to discuss this with an official while at a small convenient store. We were asking why the prices were so high, and he explained that they have to be, because the quality of things being produced by citizens isn't selling enough, so they have to raise prices on things, and this will encourage (force) citizens to work harder and better. I brought up to the man that maybe the reason the work isn't good is because the people are literally starving. They are no longer healthy, they do not have energy, muscle, or enough nutrients flowing through their blood and to their heart and brain, therefor they can't concentrate as well, they get too tired too quickly, thus resulting in poor quality work. I said that if they're really interested in getting better quality work out of the people *cough slaves cough*, they should lower the prices on food, at least for a while (meaning a year or two, enough time for people to gain more strength and stock up in food), and give people a chance to improve. Because also,when somebody's work is consistently terrible, that person will be taken out and tortured and will be paid less.

Some people overheard my conversation with the man and Hermione,and people felt motivated to stand up for themselves and start to rebel.

That's about it.

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