Friday, June 24, 2011


I have created this blog for a number of little reasons. The obvious one being that I have many peculiar dreams. 'Peculiar' could be considered an understatement. Okay, I have some of the strangest,weirdest, sometimes bothersome and disturbing dreams, and they are anything from entertaining to complete confusing nonsense.  That being said, I want to keep a record of them. Partially for my own online journal keeping, and partially for the entertainment of those who choose to follow this blog. I invite anyone who thinks they would like to visit every now and then to "follow" this blog so that I can know who is checking in on my dreams. I promise this will be an entertaining read!! Anyone who has talked to me knows that I have vivid story-like dreams almost nightly.

I will attempt to make daily posts, assuming I slept and had a dream worth sharing the night before.

Happy dreaming!

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