Saturday, October 12, 2013

Molten Death

This as almost two weeks ago. I didn't remember it until later that evening, and once I remembered it, I finally understood why I had felt so emotionally and mentally drained that day.

We were at a camp on a mountainside. A dormant volcano. Not so dormant anymore, apparently. It erupted along the side of the mountain, cracking the ground open. Watching people die from the lava destroyed half of the camp. People being swallowed by the molten flames, trying to escape and not making it. I was running, feeling overwhelmed with the heat surrounding me. I barely made it. Oliver was in my arms. I had to be strong and not panic for Oliver's sake, since he was witnessing the same thing I was witnessing - people dying torturous deaths. Watching their bodies cook and burn and suffer, seeing the expressions on their face, knowing there is no way they can make it out alive now, and then watching the life finally leave their eyes. Then I learned that Tyler had just been there a few moments before the eruption. Soon after, I learned he had been life flighted out of there just before the chaos ensued. Tyler was just as horrified that I had been there and was now gone.

This was definitely one of the worst dreams I've ever had. It was way too vivid, morbid, gory, and real.

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