Sunday, December 2, 2012

Insane Pilot, Flood, and More

I was back in The Ivy apartments, but I was also home. It was also Dubuque, and we lived downtown. It was Dubuque from my dreams, not real-life Dubuque, which means there were really tall buildings downtown and there were even more hills than there already are. And the river was so much bigger and deeper and violent. Anyway. A pilot was flying this massive plane with propellers. He was flying out of control. We had no idea where he would go next. His propellers were giant, and would slash through cars and buildings. People were dying. It was a terrorist attack, basically. He flew around the city and pummeled himself towards crowds of people, destroying them. We kept running toward far ends of the building every time we saw him coming close. He ended up destroying part of our apartment, as we all crammed against the far wall. Many employees at the apartment died right there. After several more minutes of slicing through other planes that were parked, other buildings, and making swoops and threatening blows at traffic and people, he finally nose dived and his treacherous flight attack was over as his plane exploded, shaking the earth and causing mudslides and rock avalanches to being pouring down the massive hillsides. We were also near the Hoover Dam like we are here in Nevada. The dam broke, and the whole town flooded. My family was lucky and we managed to hop inside a lifeboat that we had and ride the slick ground down like a water slide, and then momentum shot us upward to the top of a hill, where many other refugees were waiting out the flood. On top of there was Tyler's family. The flood seceded eventually and we began making our way back around the town to our homes, observing the terrible damage that resulted from this violent flood.
I was back in a church building, but I was terrified of being there because of past experiences as a child. (These experiences were all dream-made, not real at all). Apparently I had been in a teaching class, preparing to be a teacher as a child, and I was abused by the lady running the program. I was beat, screamed at, clothes yanked off me and beat some more. It had been humiliating and terrifying. I was now back here, and the building was still flooded. I had to teach groups of children, and they were rotten kids. I don't remember what they were doing, but they verbally abused me as well, and the lady was back, watching me, and I couldn't leave.
Then she was gone and I was telling this information with my mom, who was appalled. I then had to lead groups of children to the restroom. There was a line, and most of the sinks and toilets were not working because of the flood and the terrorist attack earlier.
I finally was able to enter a restroom, and it looked like the frozen custard parlor I went to last night with Alexx and Eric.

Then I was back home, in the Dubuque-like area. and I was helping Tyler's family get back to their home. Then I was with an old friend, but now that I am awake, I cannot recall who it was. We waited as Oliver (who was a bit older) and another child dragged on behind us, and almost got in trouble by bursting a massive pocket of water stuck in a plastic container (similar to the material used on our pool beds), that would have killed them if they were not careful, or taken out any car driving by at that time. We heard a massive bang and screams and thought it was them, but it wasn't. We never found out what it was, and figured it had to be something like an explosion, or something massive falling down on a crowd because of the damage caused by the insane pilot.

Then I got married. (The dream did not specify who.) It was in the temple, but I still had not received my endowments, so I was very worried that the marriage was not true. I felt so very happy beyond belief that I was married to the love of my life, and we both continued to embrace, but the worry about my endowments was sticking out like a sore thumb.

Then we continued to clean up. The marriage part of the dream was over. I went back to the apartment complex and we went to go observe the damage. We had to live back there, and I was terrified. I couldn't be in the living room without still seeing the plane come through and destroy everything outside. I kept having flashbacks and couldn't stop shaking with fear.

Then I continued to help clean up homes. There was cheap linoleum flooring in our kitchen that had been destroyed from the flood. It was a mess.

Then I was a character in a story. I think it was Hey Arnold, but the story was much more deep, important, and serious than the silly cartoon really is. There was a baker who had run out of his key ingredient because of the flood, and we had to help him. I knew how the story would end in my head, but still had to live it out. It wasn't very interesting, so I don't remember most of it.
Then my cousin Shelley and her family came (as they really are doing tonight in real life), and we sat them down for dinner. The baker was still remorseful for the sake that his pancake-type pastry was not as good as it should be. He had done something different to make up for the lost ingredients, and it turned out to be better than the original. Happy ending for that part of the dream.

Then I had to run back to school with my brother, who was some kind of character from something that I cannot remember. I was very sick and cold and was not dressed to be seen in public, so I stayed in the car, and hoped and prayed nobody would see me. Then I had to drive this car down hill, but it wouldn't drive like a normal car. I had to direct the car verbally, as if it was being driven by a young, first-time driver. We made it home safely, and I helped fix up bunk beds that had been damaged by the flood.

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