Friday, August 17, 2012

Plane Crash

There was an attack planned on a German airplane carrying German citizens. They were flying over the United States. It was a foreign country who attacked, though. I don't know what country. They had reason to attack. It wasn't just to cause terror, but the Germans had recently done something to that country and the country was resentful. Attacking a plane was unfair revenge, though. It happened here in Las Vegas. People had heard rumors and we thought it was going to be averted, but everybody was still waiting. The airport here is in the center of the town, so there are always planes flying somewhat low over your home. I saw the attack happen. The plane was heading north like they always do over our house. A fighter plane or something came out of nowhere and dropped a bomb on the plane. There was an explosion, and the plane started falling and turned as it was falling. The plane was hurdling to the ground, heading towards our house. It looked like our house would be its final stopping place. Grace, Oliver, Hoover and I were the only ones home. I started screaming "Run!! It's coming!", ran out of my room, grabbed Hoover and we all ran to the garage to escape. I remember trying to prepare Oliver and Grace for the loud sound that would happen and shouting "Cover your ears!". There was a bone chilling crashing/crunching sound, the ground shook, the power went out and we were frozen in our tracks. Some time passed, and neighbors were standing around, horror struck. I got up the courage to run into the house to see the damage. The plane didn't hit our house though. It landed in our back yard (which was MUCH bigger in the dream). It was terrifying. It was all smoking rubble, some fire fighters, and scattered bodies. Not every body was found, though. Many had been destroyed when the bomb hit.
They had to be buried in our yard (which was mostly desert). Their graves weren't very deep, so there were mounds of dirt everywhere. It was terrible.

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