Friday, July 20, 2012

Pink Alcohol

It has been a while since I have had an odd dream!
Last night's dream was terrible!

All of my siblings were home, including Molly and Kevin. We were in our house from Lubbock. She showed us this new television show that was just awful!! It was a very promiscuous game show that apparently was all the rage. Suddenly I had to be a contestant on the show, and I was frozen (not literally... I just couldn't move), so people kept grabbing me and doing..stuff.. to me and everybody was enjoying it except me. I finally got out of there and was suddenly with Nick. We were with a cousin of mine, talking with him, and he was being ridiculous. Then we were at this large arcade place, but there were a ton of water slides and things like that! I went on them with my cousin, but he ditched me eventually. Then I went on it with Nick. We went back to the gift shop after that and was so thirsty, so I grabbed a drink that looked good. It was pink. (just a few days ago I was at a surprise party and there was pink vitamin water.. the drink in the dream looked just like it.) Apparently it was an alcoholic drink and the cashier didn't stop me from buying it. I drank it and felt fine. My parents somehow found out I drank this. They had seen me on the show, and they called me into a room by myself - the way they always do when I'm in trouble. They asked me the weirdest question - why my pee was pink. At this point, I already knew I had bought and drank alcohol, even though I did not feel drunk or anything... anyway. They thought I was going off the deep end. They wanted to keep me from seeing Nick. They thought he was the influence on having me buy the drink, and they thought he would act on me the same way the people on the show acted on me. This was complete bogus. I had to explain that the drink was an accident, even though I knew logically that would be hard to believe. They showed me my sister Sally, and explained that because of my actions, she was now an alcoholic. I was to blame. They treated her with love and cared for her and were very gentle to her in trying to help her, but with me they were going to give me hell.

Later I was with Nick, and he kept kissing me in ways I didn't like. Ways my ex used to try to do.

It was pretty unlike my parents and Nick.

The dream was just terrible and I am so glad it was just a dream.

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