Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hair and a Fair

For once, my incredibly weird dream was not a horrific traumatizing experience. My dream last night took me back to high school. I think. Ha. That in and of itself was traumatizing, so my brain took it easy I guess.

It was some kind of spirit week in preparation for a Homecoming or Prom dance.
It was "Famous Person" day, where you dress like someone famous. So pretty much, anybody. There were super heroes, celebrities, historical figures, cartoon characters, etc. I just threw on some clothes and someone told me it was fine. I didn't really care. I wasn't actually a student, but was blending in.

My hair was pink. Because earlier in the Spirit Week, it had been class distinction day, and, since I was blending in as a senior, seniors wore red. I had bright red hair for that day, and I guess it had faded.
I REALLY liked it. In the dream.

It's fun to dream about. But I don't know that I'd ever actually do it. Maybe some day, when looking professional all the time isn't a necessity. Ha.

Oh. And in the dream, I was working on setting people up to go as dates to the dance. The one I was watching closest worked out. And the girl wore a dress like this:
idk why some details stick out way more than others.

Oh wait, there was gore and terror to the dream.
There was some kind of traveling fair visiting the school. You could walk around outside, visit game booths, buy cotton candy and other snacks, and cross the parking lot to the dance.
One of the booths was an attraction for dare-devils, people who want to get their adrenaline rushing, or don't want to say 'no' to a dare.
You climbed up some stairs to a high platform. They attached you to a harness that is on a crane. Often it was a young adult/teenager and a smaller child in a two-person harness. They would slowly lower you into a pool/swamp kind of thing. There was an alligator at the bottom, but the gator couldn't get all the way to the top. So you would be lowered into the water, and then see how far into the water you will allow yourself to go. Tease the alligator, basically.
Well, I could see this was a terrible idea. A man and a child, both strapped in a two-person harness, were lowered in. The man stretched is legs down while floating at the top, and the alligator swam up, as was supposed to happen. The man jerked his leg back up to prevent the gator from biting, and the crane lifted the pair up. The alligator was supposed to stop, but powerfully broke the surface of the water and grabbed on to the child. The child had to be 4 or 5 years old. He was completely helpless and about to be crushed. I think the adult was either incredibly stupid or drunk. Or both. He was trying to yank the child out, but that only made things worse. I don't know how, but eventually the child was freed. Traumatized and scarred, but alive.
Later I discovered there was something else in the water, too. But you had to have special glasses to see it. It was actually roaming the whole fair grounds, but nobody could see it. It was basically a giant sand crab. A 6-foot long, 5-foot high crab. With a 4-foot long tail. It was just creepy.

The end.

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