Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Opera and Invisible Flying

I was in a class with a professor who drove me nuts. He was my 8th grade 3D art teacher and he drove everybody nuts, but it didn't bother me then. He had us doing these music exercises and language problems. I was very short on patience with these assignments and found them to be a waste of my time. He singled me out then and started giving me slightly different assignments, which I still found to be completely stupid. I was having to finish the end of Latin and French phrases, and then memorize them. Some of them I could figure out, but I kept telling him "I'm not a vocalist! I don't sing! I'm an instrumentalist, and I play cello and piano, quit giving me these dumb assignments!" Turns out the words were lyrics to an opera that I was to be in. Everybody else in the class turned out to be vocalists, and they didn't understand why I was so disinterested in the text assignments. The evening OF the first opera performance, I learned I was to be in the opera as a cellist on stage. He was preparing me for that role somehow, but I was mostly anxious about making sure I'm on stage at time, and I had only had my music for less than a day. I could do it and perform it well, but there were so many distractions and I hadn't had a chance to run through any of the music with the choir standing behind me and the opera taking place on the rest of the stage. I also kept losing my shoe. (Losing my shoe - my LEFT shoe - has to do with the fact that last night, my left sandal broke and for a while I was walking with a broken shoe, then I took it off and walked with a bare left foot.)

Later I had a dream where I was the main character in a story. The end part had already been created, but I was living the first part of the story in a dream. This strange concoction had been developed on accident. It made me invisible and I could fly. It had to be rubbed all over my clothes and body in order to work, but I was successful. I was in a boarding school and was a loner among the other girls. I was also a lot younger. About 14 or 15 years old. The girls were very rude towards me and often made fun of me, so for most of the story I was getting my revenge, spooking them out, and doing little things that made them freak out and be overly dramatic. If I had been in their situation, I would have observed closely what was going on, instead of run away screaming and telling everybody. Since I was a loner in the school to begin with, nobody noticed that I was missing. Once they did, because of how I had set up my bed area and personal belongings, they all assumed I had been captured by this mysterious force that was haunting them at the school. They were all afraid they would be next. After a while, I got tired of using this as a prank and decided to do some good. I helped friends working with awful coworkers get stuff done by distracting the annoying coworkers. I did acts of service for people who had a lot to do and could use an extra hand but weren't going to ask for it. Then I was almost captured by some girls who were getting suspicious, one of them being the leader of the group that would pick on me. I decided to gather a few things in an area, make sure certain people were there, and I would reveal myself. My plan didn't go exactly as I had wanted, but it worked out anyway. I ended up falling from where I was floating high above them, and when I crashed to the ground, bits of the formula that was spread all over me and had dried broke off and I was completely revealed. The girls realized I had been hurt and started to take off the rest of the now dry formula that remained around me. They wanted some, but I fooled them and told them it couldn't be made again. The rest of this dream was like a movie and I don't remember what all happened. It was a good ending, though. That's all I remember.

Part of this dream forked off after the 'end' and I was still invisible. But I was with my family. I had written letters to a few people explaining to them what had happened to help them out, but I had lost them and had to re-write them, but I couldn't remember anything. I was then in a cabin where my Grandma lived. I was going to do something there while I was still invisible, but people were still spooked and I didn't get it done.

That's about all I remember.

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